DigiMediaL_musik: The Business of Music of Germany

Berlin Summer University of the Arts presents a four-day seminar focussing on the German music market with particular emphasis on both the physical and digital recording industry, new business models affecting independent licensing, record releasing, concert booking as well as artist marketing and promotion. Lectures: daily 1 - 3 September at University of the Arts Berlin, Music Faculty, plus 4 September at Berlin Music Week Conference WORD!

The seminar presents a series of lectures by top experts from the German music industry operating on the domestic and international market, such as Christian Göbel (Motor Music), Carsten Stricker (Verstärker Medienmarketing), Jens Fischer (Kofferstudio), Janine Hélène Wülker (finetunes), Peer Steinwald (Peermusic), Christopher Brosch (Melt! Booking), Andrew Campbell (Gordeon Music Promotion), Stephan Steigleider (Deutsche Grammophon), Matthias Krebs (DigiMediaL_musik).

Host: Dagmar Rumpenhorst-Zonitsas.  For further details go to www.udk-berlin.de/summer-courses.