DigiMediaL_musik: The Business of Music in Germany

The University of the Arts Berlin offers a three-day seminar from 2 - 4 September that focuses on the German music market with particular emphasis on recent developments in the recording industry, new marketing strategies, and licensing models. The lectures will cover the business, legal and media issues affecting independent record releasing, concert booking and artist promotion, including the changes brought about by the to digital media. The course runs from 2 - 4 September to coincide with the annual Berlin Music Week between 4 - 8 September, an international meeting and marketplace with conferences and live performances. A perfect complement to the seminar, Berlin Music Week provide another opportunity to continue networking and to explore Berlin’s living and vibrant music scene. The seminar has emerged from the successful certificate course "DigiMediaL_musik" at the University of the Arts Berlin that has trained more than 250 musicians, recording artists and music managers in social web strategic marketing since 2009. More info www.udk-berlin.de

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